Live Entertainment at the Flea Market

End off your weekend right with live music at the Westport Flea Market!  Every Sunday we offer free live music, along with half price burgers and

Westport Flea Market Banquets

Westport Flea Market Banquets

alcohol. So while you’re playing pool or foosball and enjoying Kansas City’s best burgers you get to also listen to the most talented local bands in the KC area.

Also, check out our performance venue, The Buffalo Room. We have a range of upcoming events such as open mic nights, play readings, and comedy shows. Check out our February calendar for a list of all events and times.

While enjoying a delicious cocktail from our drink specialists, don’t forget to order some toasted ravioli to go with our 5 patty burger.  It will make it an unforgettable night.

WFM=BMV. Valentine’s at the Flea!

fleavdayNo high-falootin country-club-district eatery expresses the “Be my valentine” sentiment more authentically than the Westport Flea Market. Spending Valentine’s Day at The Flea says, “I’m comfortable with you, my beloved, and I know you don’t need fancy valets and white tablecloths to window-dress my affection.”

Valentine’s at The Flea creates mystery and intrigue; perhaps you’re saving extra nickels for a honeymoon trip to an exotic port of call, or maybe a rare and priceless diamond is in store. No matter, the secret is yours (a wink and a nod should suffice).

2015-02-10_1643In the meantime, treat l’objet de l’affection to a tasty Flea burger made with McGonigle’s finest! And pairing with an icy cold brew from one of The Flea’s 44 tap beers gently whisper, “Amore!”

No gift? No worries. The Flea has options. From T-shirts, to hats and gift certificates, we’ve got you covered. Pinball, video games and fooseball? Yes, yes and yes! All SWAK and a sweetheart selfie out front with the Burger Mobile and it’s a wrap!

This Valentine’s Day, rediscover the joy and magic of unabashed authenticity. In a comfortable environment that inspires a special kind of connection – the kind of connection that led mom and dad to say, “I do.”  Available Valentine’s Day, and everyday, only at the Westport Flea Market.

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KC Bloggers Take a Bite Out of the Flea

Kansas Citians are serious about the Flea – and we’ve got the local bloggers to prove it!

A few of KC’s well known food bloggers have stopped in to the Flea – and enjoyed every bite. Here are some of their thoughts on our charming little bar and grill in the heart of Westport.

eat_it_kansas_city_shanley_cox1After visiting us, Shanley Cox, blogger for “Eat it, Kansas City” said,

“The meat is seasoned and cooked so perfectly I couldn’t be bothered by bread and lettuce. I understand now why these burgers are so beloved – the real magic is what’s going on between those buns. And Kansas City agrees…It might’ve been my first trip to The Flea, but I guaran-dang-tee it won’t be my last. ” Read more from Shanley by clicking here.

eatingJohn Leach from “Eating Awesomeness” notes:

“This place seemed to straddle the line between quirky and kooky. But they could not be all that lost, they do use McGonigle’s ground chuck for their burgers, after all…Everyone there was very helpful and friendly throughout the process…I liked the quirkiness of it.” Read the full story by clicking here.

Jerry R. from “Cow Town Chow” said:CTC-Logo

“Year after year patrons flock to the unassuming building on the outskirts of Westport to devour burgers comprised of a secret blend of meat provided by legendary Kansas City butcher shop McGonigle’s meats of Waldo. In the day and age of trendy foods and restaurants, there is one Kansas City institution that found a recipe for success that has stood the test of time.  Part one is to have really good food, Part two is create an environment that customers enjoy and want to return to.  The Westport Flea Market has both of these figured out.” Read the full story by clicking here.

Stop in tonight and let us know what you think about the Flea!