Westport Flea Market

“Road Tips” Blogger Salutes The Flea

“Will” – the tireless traveling salesman-blogger who pens the long-running “Road Tips – A Sales Guy’s Guide to Travel, Food and Music in the Midwest and Beyond” – stopped by Westport Flea Market for a bite and was impressed enough with our little burger joint that he was inspired to write a lengthy (and detailed) rave review (we’re blushing!).

After visiting Westport Flea Market for lunch, Will said that he not only “enjoyed every single bite of his burger,” but also, couldn’t get enough of the “eclectic mix of kitsch and nostalgia” that comes with the Westport Flea Market.Westport Flea Market

Here’s what else the Road Tips blogger had to say:

“Sitting down with the burger, well… You ever have food sat down in front of you and the smell of it is so good that you KNOW that it will be good? My first bite – it was ecstasy. ‘Oh, my God!’ I immediately said. The burger was juicy and overly flavorful. It had that old time flat grill seasoned taste to it. The juices just flowed out of the burger. I was overly impressed with the place, the food, the service and the history behind the business. I highly recommend going to Westport Flea Market if you’re in K.C. and want to go to a fun and interesting place with a world-class burger.”

He had much, much more to say about Westport Flea Market, including a little history about our building, our owner Joe Zwillenberg, and many more details about his experience at the Flea. Be sure to read the whole story here!

Westport Flea Market has been serving Kansas City’s best burger for over 30 years – stop in and try one yourself, your taste buds deserve it! We’ve also got the best trivia night in KC on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and live music on Sunday nights!