Flea Burger Mobile gets a Makeover

Flea regulars have undoubtedly noticed our rolling tribute to the home of the best burger in Kansas City – the one and only Westport Flea Market Burger Mobile. Some call this lean burger machine the eighth wonder of the world – a veritable art show on wheels. Others know the Burger Mobile as a quirky pied piper that leads ravenous followers back to 817 Westport Road – the one and only home of KC’s Best Burger.

Insiders simply refer to our one of a kind ride as the burger-mobile. In the decade or so since we commissioned the burger beast, it’s been in countless parades, driven hundreds of miles, appeared in numerous papers, magazines and online publications – and has been in more selfies than most anyone but a Kardashian.

But time takes its toll. The burger mobile need a little TLC. A few touch-ups, some fillers, a little paint – you know, nothing major, just some work to freshen our rolling media magnet for the next close-up. After all – when you serve the best burger in KC, your “burger-mobile” should be in tip-pest of top shape!

Many have asked how the Burger Mobile came to be. The story is simple. When the Flea’s owner, Joe, was jogging one morning while on a trip to New York, he saw a “veggie-mobile” cruising down 5th. Right then and there, he knew that a custom Burger Car would be a perfect addition to Westport Flea Market. Joe tracked down the custom car artist, a deal was struck and the Burger Mobile was born!

Fast forward a few years to 2017 and Joe decided it was time to bring Matt, the creator of the Burger Mobile, back to Kansas City for a few days for a tires-to-top-bun revamp. Artist Matt flew in from New York and spent a week in Kansas City this past summer giving the biggest baddest burger on wheels the summer sprucing up it deserved! Matt spent about two days researching where to find material and buy supplies.

Once he had everything he needed, the work began in earnest. Beyond a deep clean and cosmetic makeover, Matt also added more pickles and sesame seeds to the bun, painted the cheese and tomatoes – and basically gave our one of a kind beef car a complete makeover. Matt definitely worked his magic – and not only did he bring our burger-mobile back to life, he gave it a super-mojo-beef injection. Some say that late at night, when no one’s around, they’ve even seen the Burger Mobile up high in the sky taking a little fly!

We at the Flea can neither confirm or deny the late-night burger flights, but we’ve heard the rumors. Regardless, if you’ve not been by the Flea lately, stop by for KC’s Best Burger. And take a look at the refreshed Burger Mobile yourself. Heck, pose for a selfie if it’s your thing – the Burger Mobile loves fan pix – and even smiles for the paparazzi!


Westport Flea Market

Trivia Night at The Flea!

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• Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm
• $5 per person – up to 10 people per team
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Come to the Westport Flea Market and enjoy a cold beer and trivia night! We’ll see you soon!