Westport Flea Market

The Flea Turns 34 – Celebrates with 1981 Prices!

The Flea is turning the ripe age of 34 this month – that’s a long time to hold the title of BEST BURGER in KC!

We’re celebrating with 1981 prices for 3 days straight! August 17 – 19.

Flea-Burger-with-Mug-Beer-no-cheese1-1030x772Enjoy Mini Flea Burgers for just

2 Bucks and Change

And don’t forget – We’ve got 44 beers on tap to complement your burger! So drop in and go back in time to 1981 – the birth of the Flea, and KC’s Best Burger.

Dine-In only. Not good with any other discounts or specials.