Best Burger KC

Food and Wine Picks The Flea as Best Burger in KC!

Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill was chosen by as one of the best burgers in KC!

That’s right! Our Super Flea Burger is so good that food and wine chose it as one of the best burgers in Kansas City! Food and wine says, “Go big at this flea market/eatery with aptly-title Super Flea, a heaping pile of 5 burgers topped with bacon, cheese and 2 pounds of fries. If you devour within 30 minutes, your meal is comped and you win a t-shirt. Otherwise, we recommend sticking with the mini market burger using meat from the local butcher, McGonigle’s with a fountain soda.”

Food and Wine isn’t the only one that has rated our burger the best in KC. Feast Magazine, The Pitch and Urban Spoon have given us the same award, making it almost 30 years that we have had the best burger. Come by the Westport Flea Market to see why we are Kansas City’s best burger while enjoying live music, trivia, or karaoke!