Westport Flea Market

National Hamburger Day at the Flea!

Here at Westport Flea Market, we’d like to think it’s National Hamburger Day every day, but since May 28th, 2016, is nationally recognized as a celebration of burgers, you can consider this as an excuse to eat more beef! In case you needed another reason to come to the Flea, according to The Food Network’s “Meat and Potatoes,” and Food and Wine, Westport Flea Market has the best burger in KC, so you’ve got to come celebrate with us!

Long time Flea-fans know we’ve been named “Best Burger in Kansas City” many, many times since 1976 – including honors by Feast Magazine, The Pitch, Urban Spoon and many, many more esteemed publications. Yep, for almost 30 years we’ve had KC’s best burger. (You’re welcome!)

Visit the Westport Flea Market and see why we’re Kansas City’s Best Burger while enjoying one of over 44 ice cold on-tap beers. And check our entertainment page for live music, trivia, or karaoke!

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