Westport Flea Market Feast 50

Feast Magazine Names Westport Flea Market “Best Burger” 2016

Westport Flea MarketThe statewide tops-in-the-state-of-Missouri culinary list known as the Feast 50 is hot off the presses with some sizzling great news: The Westport Flea Market was voted “Best Burger” for 2016!

Yep, for the second year in a row, Feast Magazine has honored the Flea Market as having Kansas City’s Best Burger!

Feast Magazine says, “Westport Flea Market is beloved in Kansas City for its food and drink as much as its lore and personality. The burgers, though, are the real draw, and are made fresh daily with beef from the local butchers at the also-iconic McGonigle’s Market. Burgers, curly fries and onion rings are made to order, and customers line up at the condiment bar.”

Featured-on-Food-Network-WallFeast Magazine isn’t the only one that has rated our burger the best in KC. A recent list of accolades includes recognition from The Pitch, The Food Network, Urban Spoon and Food and Wine Magazine and several others. Many publications, many burgers and many years of Best Burger Awards tend to add up after a while – in fact, this makes it over 30 years the Flea has been recognized as the Best Burger in town!

Never had KC’s “Best Burger”? No worries, we’ll make one up just the way you like – today, tomorrow and just about any day after that. Do your taste buds a solid, stop by Westport Flea Market and try out KC’s Best Burger for yourself!