Westport Flea Market

The Flea Named Best Burger in KC by KMBC 9 News!

KMBC 9 News recently asked their Facebook and Twitter followers to let them know where to get KC’s best burger. After receiving over 5,000 votes, Westport Flea Market received several hundred votes from Kansas Citians on KMBC 9’s posts! “Served with a healthy side of atmosphere, nostalgia, local history and a stubborn resistance to change, you’ve not had a burger in Kansas City until you’ve had the Flea Market burger – 10 ounces of hamburger heaven,” said KMBC 9.

Here at the Westport Flea Market, we like to call ourselves the Kansas City Burger Headquarters – we’ve been named KC’s Best Burger by Feast Magazine, The Pitch, Thrillist Magazine, Food and Wine Magazine,and we’ve even been featured on The Food Network! In fact, we’ve been voted best burger in KC for over 30 years!

“Our grill is 35-years-old. We call it Old Betsy. She just hums every day. She knocks out burger after burger after burger, said Westport Flea Market owner, Joe Zwillenberg. “We’re kind of a no-frills place, you’ll see construction workers sitting next to folks in three-piece suits. We welcome everyone here.”

Never had KC’s Best Burger? No worries! Do your taste buds a solid, stop by Westport Flea Market anytime and let us (and Old Betsy!) fix one up just how you like it!