WFM=BMV. Valentine’s at the Flea!

fleavdayNo high-falootin country-club-district eatery expresses the “Be my valentine” sentiment more authentically than the Westport Flea Market. Spending Valentine’s Day at The Flea says, “I’m comfortable with you, my beloved, and I know you don’t need fancy valets and white tablecloths to window-dress my affection.”

Valentine’s at The Flea creates mystery and intrigue; perhaps you’re saving extra nickels for a honeymoon trip to an exotic port of call, or maybe a rare and priceless diamond is in store. No matter, the secret is yours (a wink and a nod should suffice).

2015-02-10_1643In the meantime, treat l’objet de l’affection to a tasty Flea burger made with McGonigle’s finest! And pairing with an icy cold brew from one of The Flea’s 44 tap beers gently whisper, “Amore!”

No gift? No worries. The Flea has options. From T-shirts, to hats and gift certificates, we’ve got you covered. Pinball, video games and fooseball? Yes, yes and yes! All SWAK and a sweetheart selfie out front with the Burger Mobile and it’s a wrap!

This Valentine’s Day, rediscover the joy and magic of unabashed authenticity. In a comfortable environment that inspires a special kind of connection – the kind of connection that led mom and dad to say, “I do.”  Available Valentine’s Day, and everyday, only at the Westport Flea Market.

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