Best Burger in MO in KC Business Journal

“Perhaps it’s time for me to get a job at Thrillist?” asks Andrew Vaupel, Kansas City Business Journal writer.

Vaupel refers to the recent “Best Burger in Every State in America” list by Thrillist, who recently named Westport Flea Market’s Patty Melt Burger the best burger in Missouri!

Vapul goes on to say: “Without further ado, Thrillist named Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill’s patty melt as the best hamburger in all of Missouri. Here’s what they had to say about it:

The burger at Five Bistro in St. Louis was hard to beat. But Westport Flea Market, which is really less a flea market (check out the wacky cages in the front!) and more of a bar, just managed to take the top spot with their McGonigle’s Market beef burger. I like the patty melt here because it takes 5.5 oz of that McGonigle beef and throws it on toasted rye with Swiss and grilled onions. But if you want a challenge, the Super Flea is five 10 oz burgers topped with bacon, cheese, and 2 lbs of fries. Eat it in 30 minutes and you’ll get a T-shirt, your picture on the wall, AND ALSO MAYBE DIE. Which is maybe why, as I said, we’re fans of the patty melt.

The burger joint, 817 Westport Road, also has been featured on the Food Network’s “Meat and Potatoes” and tops Urban Spoon and The Pitch‘s listings too.”

Have you tried our Patty Melt? Now’s the time to stop in and taste the best in the state!