Playoff Win = 1969 Prices: $1.99 Burgers!

Playoff football is back in Kansas City! And, with a Chiefs win Saturday against the Titans, the Flea is going to make it extra special! We’re bringing back 1969 pricing – the year the Chiefs won the Super Bowl! Yep, it’s true! When (not if!) the Chiefs win, the Flea Mini Market Burger is just $1.99!

What’s not to like?! A Chiefs playoff victory, 1969 prices for Kansas City’s Best Burger – all washed down with one of the Flea’s 44 ice cold beers on tap?! The Answer: There’s nothing no to like! Join us for the game today at the Flea – and when the Chiefs beat the Titans, you win too!

Go KC!!!Kansas City's Best Burger

Come Visit The Flea This Holiday Season!

With the holidays coming up, family and relatives are going to be visiting from out of town. What a better way to show off your Kansas City pride than with the Best Burger in the city? That’s right, we have been serving up the best burgers for over 30 years now!

We get the finest beef from the local McGonigle’s Market, then add our own special seasoning and cook ‘em up just right. We know that it can be difficult to please everyone, but with 44 beers on tap and other options like the Market Taco Trio and BBQ Brisket Sandwich, we’ve got something to make sure the whole family gets the great taste of Kansas City this holiday season! Plus, everyone can enjoy pool, shuffle board and arcade games!

Come to the Westport Flea Market and celebrate the holidays with great food and company! Happy Holidays from your friends at the Flea!

Celebrate 2018 at The Flea!

2017 is winding down, which means 2018 is right around the corner! Come ring in the new year at Westport Flea Market with your loved ones and friends for all you can eat/ drink drafts & wells- plus trivia!

The event will be on Sunday, New Year’s Eve, from 9 pm to 12 am. Tickets are $49.99 per person & teams are 1-10 people. Great food, drinks and you don’t have to fight crowds or the traffic! For more information, click here!

What better way to ring in the new year than to have KC’s best burger and an ice cold beer? Westport Flea Market uses the finest beef from McGonigle’s Market! We add our own special seasoning and cook them to perfection! We also have a wide variety of other foods to make sure the whole family gets a taste of Kansas City!

See you at The Flea to ring in the New Year!

Small Business Saturday! Come eat local at Westport Flea Market!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means that Small Business Saturday will be here before we know it! Come out and celebrate KC with all the small businesses that make KC so amazing! After a long day of shopping at all our unique small businesses, eat local at Westport Flea Market! Westport Flea Market has been around KC for over 30 years so be sure to stop by and grab a burger!

If you haven’t heard, Westport Flea Market has the best burger in Kansas City! We get all our beef from hometown legend McGonigle’s Market. Our burgers are seasoned and cooked to perfection! Once you try our burgers, you’ll keep coming back for more! Take a break from all the shopping and come on over to the Westport Flea Market, you won’t regret it!

Plan your Holiday party with The Flea!

As November starts to wind down, the holidays will be here before we know it! There is a lot that goes into holiday planning, so let Westport Flea Marketing help you out! The first thing is finding a location to host your event. We have 3 event spaces for holiday parties that is sure to impress your friends, family, and your co-workers!

Our Party Room can hold up to 60 guests. We’ve got liquor, wine, and beer service available – and a TV! Our larger Banquet and Buffalo Rooms can accommodate up to 200 guests, have flat screen televisions, a stage for entertainment, and bar access! To view pictures of these spaces, you can check out our event room gallery!

When it comes to food, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our banquet menu to line up food for your holiday festivities! We have a wide variety of platters that will make a great impression on your party guests! Located in the heart of Westport, The Flea is here to help you throw an awesome holiday party! Give us a call at (816) 561-9900 to start planning!

See you at the Flea!

Flea Burger Mobile gets a Makeover

Flea regulars have undoubtedly noticed our rolling tribute to the home of the best burger in Kansas City – the one and only Westport Flea Market Burger Mobile. Some call this lean burger machine the eighth wonder of the world – a veritable art show on wheels. Others know the Burger Mobile as a quirky pied piper that leads ravenous followers back to 817 Westport Road – the one and only home of KC’s Best Burger.

Insiders simply refer to our one of a kind ride as the burger-mobile. In the decade or so since we commissioned the burger beast, it’s been in countless parades, driven hundreds of miles, appeared in numerous papers, magazines and online publications – and has been in more selfies than most anyone but a Kardashian.

But time takes its toll. The burger mobile need a little TLC. A few touch-ups, some fillers, a little paint – you know, nothing major, just some work to freshen our rolling media magnet for the next close-up. After all – when you serve the best burger in KC, your “burger-mobile” should be in tip-pest of top shape!

Many have asked how the Burger Mobile came to be. The story is simple. When the Flea’s owner, Joe, was jogging one morning while on a trip to New York, he saw a “veggie-mobile” cruising down 5th. Right then and there, he knew that a custom Burger Car would be a perfect addition to Westport Flea Market. Joe tracked down the custom car artist, a deal was struck and the Burger Mobile was born!

Fast forward a few years to 2017 and Joe decided it was time to bring Matt, the creator of the Burger Mobile, back to Kansas City for a few days for a tires-to-top-bun revamp. Artist Matt flew in from New York and spent a week in Kansas City this past summer giving the biggest baddest burger on wheels the summer sprucing up it deserved! Matt spent about two days researching where to find material and buy supplies.

Once he had everything he needed, the work began in earnest. Beyond a deep clean and cosmetic makeover, Matt also added more pickles and sesame seeds to the bun, painted the cheese and tomatoes – and basically gave our one of a kind beef car a complete makeover. Matt definitely worked his magic – and not only did he bring our burger-mobile back to life, he gave it a super-mojo-beef injection. Some say that late at night, when no one’s around, they’ve even seen the Burger Mobile up high in the sky taking a little fly!

We at the Flea can neither confirm or deny the late-night burger flights, but we’ve heard the rumors. Regardless, if you’ve not been by the Flea lately, stop by for KC’s Best Burger. And take a look at the refreshed Burger Mobile yourself. Heck, pose for a selfie if it’s your thing – the Burger Mobile loves fan pix – and even smiles for the paparazzi!