Westport Flea Market

Trivia Night at The Flea!

If you love trivia, burgers, and cold beer, The Flea is the place to be on Wednesday and Thursday nights! Every week, we have trivia night and it’s a blast! You can even win CASH! Bring your friends and family and come try out trivia night for yourself!

• Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm
• $5 per person – up to 10 people per team
• Register one hour before
• Win cash!

Come to the Westport Flea Market and enjoy a cold beer and trivia night! We’ll see you soon!

Join the Flea for Oktoberfest Celebration!

Westport is hosting an Oktoberfest Celebration on September 28th through October 1st. The celebration is a combo of stein hoisting, live entertainment, and a Lederhosen Lap 5k! Westport is the prime spot to be, so make sure you don’t miss any of the excitement!

What better way to celebrate your local community than to grab a bite to eat at the Westport Flea Market – where you can get KC’s Best Burger! Our burgers are made with beef from the one and only, McGonigle’s Market! We grill and season our burgers to perfection. We are proud to have served the best burgers in Kansas City for over 30 years!

And don’t forget quench your thirst with one of our 44 ice cold beers on tap! Head on out to the Westport Flea Market to grab a bite to eat before checking out the Oktoberfest Celebration!


Westport Flea Market

Celebrate The Flea’s 37th Anniversary with $2.99 Burgers and Fries!

Westport Flea Market is turning 37 this year, and owner Joe Zwillenberg is in the mood to celebrate! The Flea is throwing back burger prices to the same as 1981, the year The Flea opened:  $2.99 Mini Burgers and Fries from September 18 through 20! Time to drop in and go back in time to 1981 – celebrating the birth of the Flea – and KC’s Best Burger!

Not only is Westport Flea Market celebrating their 37th anniversary, The Flea is also celebrating being ranked as the 37th Best Burger in the U.S. this summer by Thrillist Magazine on their list of the “100 Best Burgers in America”!

According to Thrilist National Burger Critic, Kevin Alexander, “The only burger place I ate at that also featured a car decorated to look exactly like a burger, and an arcade featuring the game Zoofari. And yet, somehow, the best part of this place is still the actual burger.”

Westport Flea Market

In celebration of our 37th year anniversary, we even gave our famous burger-mobile a makeover! Our burger car is so cool that it was featured on The Food Network’s “Meat and Potatoes” along with our delicious burger!  After all, shouldn’t the Kansas City restaurant with the city’s Best Burger have a Burger Mobile to parade around in style?

The Flea is Kansas City’s quirky, funky, 37-year-old local-dining institution. Boasting some of the country’s best made-to-order eats served up with a healthy side of atmosphere, nostalgia, local history, and a stubborn resistance to change.

Offer valid September 18-20, 2017 only. 

Come celebrate Labor Day at the Flea!

Before you say goodbye to summer, come out to Westport Flea Market and go out with a bang to celebrate Labor Day! Bring your friends and family and enjoy some cold beer and of course, the best burger in KC. Enjoy a fun and relaxing day on our patio!

You and your friends can enjoy pool, shuffle board, arcade games, and foosball! The Flea has some amazing food and don’t forgot about all the beer. We have 44 beers on tap, so be sure to have some beer while your chowing down on a burger!

Come to Westport Flea Marketing and celebrate Labor Day with us! We can’t wait to see you all there!

KC Mayors Honor the Flea

Mayor Wheeler at the Flea

The Flea has hosted many visitors over the years but it’s always been an exceptional honor for The Flea to host “his Honor” the Mayor of Kansas City. Or we should we say, “His Honors” – as the Westport Flea Market seems to be a favorite of multiple past Kansas City Mayors!

It all began with Charles Wheeler, who was Kansas City’s 49th Mayor and served two terms from 1971-1979. Mayor Wheeler earned his medical degree from the University of Kansas, his law degree from UMKC, served in both the Navy and Air Force and was elected as Missouri State Senator in 2002. During his two consecutive terms as Mayor of Kansas City, Dr. Wheeler was responsible for so many great achievements that Kansas City business magazine Ingram’s noted that “many regard this as the last golden age of Kansas City.” Wheeler has been coming to The Flea for over 20 years – and not only has an airport named after him (Charles Wheeler Downtown Airport), he even has a table (with a plaque) named after him at The Flea! Born and raised here in KC, maybe it’sonly natural for Kansas City’s best burger to be his Honor’s favorite!

Photo autographed by Mayor Berkley at the Flea

Another fan of The Flea is past Mayor Dick Berkley, who served as Kansas City’s mayor from 1979 to1991, making him the longest serving mayor in Kansas City history! During his time as mayor, he was responsible for over 700 capital improvement projects – including the expansion of Bartle Hall Convention Center and the revitalization of the Quality Hill neighborhood. On a signed photo of he and his wife Sandy hanging on a wall at The Flea, Mayor Berkley exclaims: “Great burgers – great friends – great for Kansas City!” We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Mayor!

Letter from Mayor Funkhouser

Mark Funkhouser was Kansas City’s 53rd Mayor, serving from 2007-2011. Prior to being elected, Mr. Funkhouser received multiple degrees, including his PhD from UMKC, and was also Kansas City’s auditor for 18 years. His motto was, “A city that works for regular folks.” In 2008, Mayor Funkhouser attended the Grand Opening of The Flea’s Buffalo Room – we even have photos and a personal letter from his Honor in that room to this day!


Mayor Sly at The Flea

Kansas City’s current mayor, Sylvester James, has also been a visitor to The Flea! Mayor Sly grew up on the East side of Kansas City, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Kansas City’s own Rockhurst College, then earned his Juris Doctor degree from Minnesota Law School.

Since his election in 2011, Mayor James has focused his efforts on making Kansas City best in 4 areas: education, employment, efficiency and enforcement. Mayor Sly has even made an appearance at the Kansas City Tiger Club – a weekly luncheon for Mizzou alumni hosted at the Flea each and every Tuesday at 11:30.

The Westport Flea Market is Kansas City’s quirky, funky, 30+ year old local-dining institution – and there is a lot of nostalgia and local history that comes along with that. Next time you’re having Kansas City’s best burger at The Flea, be sure to stop by to say hi to Mayor Wheeler – he visits most every day – and check out the photos on the wall of other past mayors and dignitaries we’ve been honored to serve. You just never know who you’ll see at The Flea!

Westport Flea Market

Feast Magazine Names Westport Flea Market “Best Burger” 2017!

Feast Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards have been announced and Westport Flea Market was voted the “Best Burger” for 2017! That’s right, for the 3rd year in a row, Feast Magazine has honored the Flea Market as having the Best Burger in Kansas City!

Feast Magazine says, “Westport Flea Market is a sentimental favorite that’s been dishing up burgers, patty melts, and other pub grub for more than 30 years. In addition to it’s signature McGonigle’s Market beef burgers, the restaurant and bar also continues to win over generations of Kansas Citians with its relaxed counter-service atmosphere and ridiculously cheap drink specials.”

They aren’t the only ones that have rated our burger the best in KC. The Flea’s list of accolades includes recognition from The Pitch, The Food Network, Urban Spoon, Food and Wine Magazine and several others. Many publications, many burgers and many years of Best Burger Awards tend to add up after a while – in fact, this makes it over 30 years the Flea has been recognized as the Best Burger in town!

Never tried Kansas City’s Best Burger? Do your tastebuds a favor and stop by the Flea to try one for yourself! We’ll cook one up for you just the way you like any day of the week!