Westport Flea Market

Burgers and Baseball!

We’re smack-dab in the middle of the ALCS and the Royals are 2-0! Looking for a place to watch the game?

Stop on by while the Royals are in the playoffs and enjoy our 1985 burger prices! Only $2 and some change for the best burger in KC!

We’re Throwing Back to 1985 Again for the Home Opener!

Flea Owner Joe Zwillenberg is back in the Royals spirit! You may recall last fall when we threw back our prices to 1985 – the year the Royals won the World Series. Royals and Flea fans alike lined up to take advantage of the special deal, and now we’re doing it again!kcr

In honor of the Royals home opener, we’ll have the 1985 special again!

Enjoy a $2.99 Mini Flea Burger with Fries!

Hurry in – it’s for one day only- April 6th! And you’ll be glad you started the baseball season off right – at the Flea!

The Royals Keep on Going – and So Do Our 1985 Prices!

CAM00528Flea Owner Joe Zwillenberg is in the Royals spirit! That’s because last week he decided the Flea had to do something extraordinary to celebrate the Royals postseason status – to throwback prices to 1985, the year the Royals won the World Series!

$2.99 Flea Burger with Fries


And to make it an extra special deal, Joe announced these prices continue for as long as the Royals are in it – we’ve had lines out the door ever since. And with a new ALCS status, you could be enjoying this special til the very last game!CAM00526

So stop in today and party like it’s 1985 at the Flea! But hurry – you’ll want to be first in line.