Westport Flea Market

The Burger-Mobile

I’m sure everyone has noticed the crazy burger car we have parked out front. We call it the “burger-mobile”. Ever wondered the story behind it? Joe, our owner, was in New York jogging when he saw a “veggie-mobile” cruise by.

That’s when he decided that a burger car would be the perfect addition for the Flea. After all, shouldn’t the Kansas City restaurant with the city’s Best Burger have a Burger Mobile to parade around in style?

Joe caught up with the guy and asked him about building a “Burger Mobile” for the Flea. A few months and more than a few dollars later, the Flea “Burger Mobile” was born!

Our burger car is so cool that it was featured on The Food Network’s “Meat and Potatoes” along with our delicious burger!

Have yet to see it? Well stop on by the Westport Flea Market to witness this “burger-mobile” for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.